YOW Plan B 33.5" Pukas X Yow


YOW Plan B 33.5" Pukas X Yow

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The Pukas Plan B is definitely one of our favourite surfboards from their catalog. When Pukas thought on introducing a performance twin at their catalog, they came out with the Plan B, a board that stands in between the twin-fin and the thruster, bringing the best of both worlds with high-performance in mind.

With the new 2019 design, the Yow x Pukas “Plan B” feels like a fast performance board. The more rounded outline gives a plus of balance, and the wheelbase position through the board makes it reactive and sharp. The Yow x Pukas “Plan B” mounts the Yow System V4 S5 and the Cinetic Wheels 66x51mm, for fast rides with technical turns.


  • 33.5″ x 10″ x 19″ WB
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • White Full Dip
  • Printed Jessup Griptape
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