Liquid Force Knotted Surf Rope 8" mit Handle

Liquid Force Knotted Surf Rope 8" mit Handle

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The Knotted surf rope features a durable EVA Teardrop shaped machined & brushed grip for a tacky feel with less hand fatigue. The handle has floats for extra visibility and a sturdy 5/8" line is strategically knotted for easy movement up and down the wave in search of the “sweet spot” on any boat. Lean back, hold on and catch the wave!

  • 8.5" Teardrop Shaped Machined & Brushed Eva Grip
  • Foam Core For Increased Visibility, Less Snags And Tangles
  • Easy Length Adjustment Sections On Boat End
  • 24" Foot Braided Pe Line 3 Sections
  • 5/8’ Durable PE Fiber Line Resists Fading
  • Foam Floats On Handle

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