Flow NX2-GT black

Flow NX2-GT black

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Combining both the ease of use of rear-entry bindings with a stiffer profile has got pow-seeking explorers amped over the Flow NX2-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings. Life simply isn't the same when it only takes two pops to the back of your heels 'til your ready to shred your line. With a proprietary Active Strap Technology, this simple process becomes even more efficient by allowing the Hybrid PowerCapStrap to contract on your foot when you slap up the hiback and expand when you're taking them off. The LSR Buckles make the NX2-GT Hybrid Bindings Dual-Entry, meaning you can bathe in the nostalgia of strapping in traditionally, or lock the buckles in place for a speedy Rear-entry. The Flow NX2-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings are the performers you need for laying down first tracks and attacking the park with one setup.


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Nidecker (Flow) Talon Boa Focus Black Nidecker (Flow) Talon Boa Focus Black
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