Liquid Force Supertramp 2018


Liquid Force Supertramp 2018

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Dominic Lagace wanders the world in search of the next great ride, and when he finds it, he rides with a level of aggressiveness that is unmatched! His new pro model, the SUPER TRAMP can handle his power and speed yet at the same time allows him to have the finesse needed for spinning lip tricks. The SUPER TRAMP is a solid, yet nimble and lively ride. Using a special weave of Inegra Carbon on the deck gives longitudinal and torsional rigidity, as well as crazy spring for a light and lively pop and response. The shape has a slightly fuller nose and tail than other skims, allowing the overall design to be a narrower outline with the same surface area as more traditional shapes. This modern shape results in a quicker board that is easier to spin. The SUPER TRAMP is ready to join you on your next wakesurfing adventure!

  • Carbon Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Single Concave To Slight Double Concave Hull
  • Sharp Rails
  • Concave Deck Surface For More Board Control
  • Single Center Skim Fin
  • EPS Foam Core With Stringer
  • Square Grooved Eva Pads With Kick-Stop And Arch-Bar
Size Length Width Rocker Volume Rider Weight
129.5 cm
49.3 cm
1.3" N/0.3" T
3.5 N/0.9 cm T
10.3 L Up to 180 lbs
Up to 82 kg
139.7 cm
51.1 cm
1.5" N/0.4" T
3.8 N/1.0 cm T
12.3 L 150 - 200 lbs
68 - 91 kg
149.0 cm
52.5 cm
1.7" N/0.4" T
4.4 N/1.1 cm T
14.3 L 180 - 250 lbs
81 - 112 kg



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