North iBase & iTendon

North iBase & iTendon

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A completely new, universal mast base system. The top priority in addition to the functionality was a requirement to create ONE single, uncompromising system for ALL conditions. The result is the iBASE, the lowest mast base system with central screw! iBASE is a new interpretation of a familiar idea which is superior in many aspects. It is r eally the jack of all trades which offers freeriders, racers and wave pros just what they want: A highly functional base with an extremely low profile, is lightweight but virtually indestructible and provides numerous benefits in handling and tuning options.


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Bravo 20-2 Pumpe Bravo 20-2 Pumpe
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Arrows iRig Drift Stopper Arrows iRig Drift Stopper
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Arrows iRig Double Action Pump Arrows iRig Double Action Pump
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