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Severne Blue Line

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Neil Pryde Adjustable Outhal Kit

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Chinook Double Sail Pulley Outhaul

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North Power XT 2.0 sdm

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North Uni XT SDM

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North Power XT Shox sdm 42

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Naish RDM Extension Carbon 30 cm

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North Power XTR SDM 42

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Neil Pryde X3 green

The X3 boom features a 'Pressure Flow Forged' aluminium head, monocoque aluminium tail extension, T6 series alloy arms and an S-shape profile on all lengths. It comes with a glass fibre reinforced, injection moulded VT-Joint, twinipin trimlock adjustment system, integrated boom lever and a VT-Joint lateral locating button. The X3 140 and 160 booms come with a NeilPryde mast shim for use with RDM masts.

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Gabelbaum Neil Pryde X9 Race

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NP Vision

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Unifiber Enduro rdm HD Carbon

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Neil Pryde X1

Sehr gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis. Mit dem bewährten Kopf und Endstück. Für sdm und rdm Masten. Adapter für rdm inklusive.

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Neu North Power XT Aero rdm 34

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North Power XT RDM 36

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NP trimlock double LP

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Neu North Silver Series HD





Lightest boom in its' class


The more affordable version of the GOLD RS, also manufactured using the BONDED.TECHNOLOGY (cannot be dismantled), is manufactured from 7075 high-tech aluminum; famously used with within high tech mountain bikes. This material makes the arms 30% stiffer than ordinary aluminum tubes. In combination with the additionally hardened front-tube offering 20% increased stiffness the new SILVER HD offers massive advantages in durability. We are so convinced by this technology that we are giving 2 years full warranty, even including bending!


The SILVER HD consists of 3 segments and has a one-piece alloy tail-end which is of course also equipped with the innovative iFRONT 2.0 head.
Features such as flex adjustment and length-specific RDM tubes with a 28mm or 30mm diameter (starting at 180 cm) combine super-high rigidity
with great comfort.

The NewSchool bend-curves of the lengths 140, 150 and 160 cm ensures a uniform pull onto front- and backhand. Further more the entire SILVER HD line is now equipped with the brand new iTAIL.WAVE which guarantees a perfect friction-free rope thread (patent pending). Also new is the PROTECTION.GRIP, an extra stiff EVA stripe on the outside of the tubes, which effectively prevents surface damage when rigging. A total of five boom lengths are available, making the SILVER series fit perfectly for all sails from Wave up to Performance.


NEW-SCHOOL 140 - 190 | 150 - 200 | 160 - 210 | 

RACING 180 - 230 | 200 - 250

 Key Features

> 01  Lightest boom in its class


> 02  Material: 7075 aluminum with PROTECTION.GRIP

> 03  NEW: Front-end: iFRONT 2.0  




To secure the extended warranty claims please register within 30 days under

Otherwise just the legal warranty period can be granted! 

*Excluding grip!

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