Liquid Force WMS Ghost Comp coal/pink

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Liquid Force WMS Ghost Comp coal/pink

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Liquid Force’s premier female comp vest is back once again with a fresh, updated look. The Ghost Comp is chock-full of LF exclusive vest technology that makes it so stylish and comfortable on the water.

A fitting name, the Liquid Force Women’s Ghost Comp vest is so lightweight and comfortable that at times you will forget you are even wearing it. You need to really try this vest on for yourself to understand how sensational it feels.

This vest is packed full of Liquid Force exclusive vest technology that creates a truly superior fit. Believe us when we say that once you put on this vest, you’ll never go back to anything less. The stitch-less Flex Panel Architecture allows for more foam, creating greater flotation and impact protection. The bio-spline 3D curve contours the vest better to your true body shape. Constructed with 4XS foam, you won’t lose any flexibility or range of motion once you are wearing the vest. Both wider arm openings and tapered waist create a better overall fit than a stand comp vest. Possibly our favorite feature is the Chill Stopper lined chest panels that will help keep you warm during those early morning sets. An easy access front zipper makes getting this vest on/off quick and easy. Down to every tiny detail, the Ghost Comp is the best when it comes to women’s comp style vests.

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